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9 differences between a Battery Charger (BESS) and a PV inverter

Jema Energy has over 65 years of experience in the design and manufacture of energy conversion systems, 20 of which have been focused on the development of conversion systems for renewable energy and energy storage.

Over the years, Jema has developed cutting edge inverters with all the features needed to build a smart grid.

All Jema inverters have been developed as bi-directional inverters, which has enabled their application as battery chargers and photovoltaic inverters. However, although they are basically the same equipment, there are a number of differences between a battery charger and a solar inverter that must be taken into account.

Below, we highlight the main differences and explain why the data sheets are different between a charger and an inverter.

The document has been created from Jema’s experience in energy storage and renewable energy projects, as well as the questions that customers have asked us on a day-to-day.


BESS Charger vs. Solar Inverter

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