Jema launches electric traction systems for electric buses and trucks

The engineering department has developed a complete range of turnkey traction systems with PMSM motors with a maximum power of 360 kW. JEMA has already integrated these traction systems in different vehicle models, 12 and 18 m e-buses and e-trucks.

With our factory test bench we can perform back to back tests and accompany the customer during the development phases of the traction syste. The facilities, which are equipped to test each component in real conditions, enable the traction solutions to be subjected to the power and speed conditions required by the customer.

Our complete Traction system involves:

  •             PMSM motors
  •             Traction inverter
  •             ECU’s Storage
  •             ECU Traction
  •             Brake Chopper

As part of these components that form the Jema Traction, we present the Brake Chopper, a safe and proven solution to protect batteries from surges in the event of braking.

Traction Solutions