Features of Jema Energy inverters

Jema’s systems aim to obtain the best performance from the photovoltaic, BESS and hydrogen installations where they operate.

We highlight the most common questions about the functionalities offered by Jema Energy inverters:

1. Can it be switched from ON-GRID to OFF-GRID?

Yes, by means of a MODBUS command the inverter is prepared to switch from on-grid to off-grid, and vice versa. This command can be implemented with a button, thus being able to control the equipment.

2. Can several Jema devices work in parallel in OFF-GRID mode?

Jema equipment is prepared to work in grid forming or network generation with more equipment in parallel.

The control used in based on droop control, which uses stabilisation curves to keep the equipment working in parallel, maintaining the grid at the set voltage and frequency.

3. Is any external support needed for OFF-GRID mode?

Only when in Black Start mode, as in this mode it generates the grid from 0 volts.

In case they are in on/off grid mode, and they swing white connected to and existing network, the devices feed back.