Leire Gainza, project manager


Jema Energy has around 350 charging points and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Leire Gainza, Project Manager France in the area of electromobility.

What has been your experience of project management in France?

It has been a very positive experience, as it has allowed me to be in contact at all stages of the project. I have been involved in the commercial side, as well as in the technical development and project management.

The more commercial part has given me the opportunity to participate in the offer phase and to get to know the French market better, as well as the needs and requirements of each client. In terms of technical development, we have been able to provide customised solutions through developments that have been adapted to each customer specification.

In project management, which is the part that concerns me most, I have experienced very fluid communication both internally and with the clients. We have coordinated at all stages of the project and, when we have had unforeseen events, we have been able to respond quickly and appropriately.

What they value most about Jema and its products.

Our customers particularly value three aspects of Jema and its equipment: usability, versatility and responsiveness.

  • Usability: the easy and intuitive operation of the equipment. For example, one tool that has been highlighted is the monitoring tool.

This monitoring tool allows minute-by-minute monitoring of each of the loading systems. Jema has developed the tool following the strictest cybersecurity parameters and offers three versions so that the customer can work in the most convenient version for him (Cloud, semi-Cloud and manual).

  • Versatility: The units are modular; they have multiple DC outputs; connections to pantograph and/or CCS2 hose; accessories that help to increase connection capacities… All this gives multiple options when it comes to configuring the garage and adapting it without carrying out major works.
  • Responsiveness of the human team. In other words, the technicians and managers have managed to provide quick and effective responses to the changes that occur during the course of the project itself. This is a point that French clients have valued positively about Jema.

What particularities have you found in French projects?

In my experience, we are encountering very demanding projects on a technical level, with a higher documentation burden than projects in other countries and with very strict regulations on worker safety and equipment handling.

I would also point out that they are asking for charging systems with low power ratings, i.e. 90 kW-120 kW instead of chargers with power ratings of 420 kW-540 kW. What strikes me most is that in general they are looking for connections via CCS2. And why this type of connection? Because, in my opinion, they are easier to install and, in the long term, to maintain.

Another particularity that we are seeing in France is that they put a lot of emphasis and awareness on environmental respect and waste management throughout the project.

What are the main concerns of the French operators you have dealt with?

A lot of importance is being given to the traceability of the equipment, as well as to the documentation and identification of both the equipment and its components. In addition, another area of concern is the place of manufacture of the equipment and the technical support team.

Our customers place increasing importance on European manufacturing, as they are assured that we will continue to provide the best service throughout the life of the equipment. They also trust that, in the event of any eventuality, the local team will provide them with the best response.

What does the French market look like?

We are experiencing a boom in new projects across the country with cities looking to electrify their bus fleets and, more specifically, their bus depots. Electromobility has already arrived in the country and is unstoppable.