Big Science

We design and make bespoke high voltage and high current power conversion systems for nuclear fusion and particle accelerators.

Grid quality and BESS

Smart grids are the key for developing renewable energy technology, integrating electric vehicles and improving the efficiency of electric energy.

Energy production, oil and gas

With broad experience in managing bespoke projects, JEMA spans sectors with highly specific demands, such as all the power production plants (nuclear, combined cycle, thermal solar energy, cogeneration and hydroelectric), and complies with a wide variety of specific domestic and international standards and regulations.


One of the needs that cities and operators who are trying to implement electric buses have is adapting their charging infrastructure.


We supply a wide range of equipment such as SVC, STATCOM, braking energy recovery systems and test benches.

Electronic solutions

We design and manufacture cabin control and passenger comfort systems. We provide complete product flexibility and personalisation.

International presence

We offer Engineering + Manufacturing services in order to provide energy systems that adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

Development of power electronics systems characterised by robustness, reliability, high performance and quality.

Innovative and personalised products for the most demanding industries. Innovative solutions and close attention the needsof every client.

Engineering and services

The technical office provides personalised solutions for your facilities. Static systems designed according to the specifications for every client and project. In addition, the products developed by Jema meet strict technical and safety standards for every country. These systems have been tested for months in international laboratories and are certified by authorised agencies.

The goal of the company is to always be at the client’s side. Jema provides After Sales Services and there is a team of specialised technicians who give clients technical consulting for maintaining the systems appropriately.