BESS (Battery Storage)

Smart grids are the key for developing renewable energy technology, integrating electric vehicles and improving the efficiency of electric energy efficiency. Consequently, that means drawing attention to a new electrical grid concept consisting of a grid that’s transformed, in terms of both transmission and distribution, using bi-directional communications systems. Furthermore, the concept itself includes several applications that improve the capacity to supervise and monitor power grids. Storage systems that provide stability to the grid and thus increase the penetration of renewable energy come to the fore in smart grids.

Jema can help you develop solutions for a wide range of applications and it can study battery types and appropriate generation sources for every situation and site.


  • Time shifting for renewable energy.
  • Energy storage systems for stabilising the intermittent generation of renewable energy sources.
  • Emergency back-up system in the event of a grid outage.
  • Grid services providing frequency and voltage regulation and dynamic voltage support.
  • Solar Fuel saver.

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