20 kW to 1800 kW Battery chargers

IFX2B and IFX3B battery chargers

Battery chargers from 100 kW to 2100 kW with 1000 Vdc power.

JEMA’s more than 40 years of broad experience with UPS means it can provide bi-directional inverters in battery charger mode with high performance.

  • Management devices in 4 quadrants.
  • Capable of reactivity management regardless of the charging/discharging mode.
  • Smart chargers with injection capacity in off grid or on grid mode.
  • Easily adaptable to any battery technology (Modbus or DC CAN communication).
  • Operating modes adapted to different applications: grid support, energy storage, backup, fuel savings, demand management…

Data sheets

Main features

  • Switching capacity up to 1000 V.
  • Overload capacity of 150% up to 15s.
  • Control and follow through: RS485 MODBUS serial communications and open protocols.
  • Battery monitoring can be included in the inverter.
  • Indoor and outdoor system.
  • High capacity for providing reactive energy.
  • Highly precise calculations because it has a latest generation 32-bit microprocessor with floating point arithmetic capability.
  • Analogue P and Q instruction management for quick responses in frequency regulation.