Centralised management system for renewable energy plants

Power plant controller

The purpose of the control module is to achieve perfect integration of the plant within the electrical distribution grid and facilitate receiving, executing and following instructions received via the corresponding energy regulation body.

Using advanced and adaptable closed loop control algorithms, it makes it possible for solar facilities to meet the requirements of the grid operator. And it provides the capability to administer and control energy injection into the grid in accordance with various grid codes.

The Power Plant Controller makes it possible to regulate different parameters, for example:

  • Dynamic voltage regulation and/or the power factor regulation of a solar plant at the POI (point of interconnection).
  • Power limiting.
  • Power injection ramp speed and power reduction controls.
  • Frequency control.
  • Start-up and stop control.

Main features

  • It can communicate with the following devices:
    • Metering cell: electric parameters in the plant sub-station.
    • BESS system, transformer, switch gear and other devices.
  • Communication with converters via Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • The module can have a web-based monitoring and control system that lets users:
    • Monitor the status of the instructions received by the grid operator and the execution status of the instructions.
    • Overview of the current status of the commands.
    • Automatic or manual execution of commands received.
    • Can execute local instructions.
    • History of commands received and executed.
    • Control panel with current production data.
    • Can export data to CSV files for analysis.