Sales and Marketing Director

Interview with Estibalitz Aramburu, Sales Director at Jema Energy

We wanted to take advantage of the new year to talk to Estibalitz Aramburu, Commercial and Marketing Director at Jema Energy, about how the renewable energy and storage sector is evolving, what aspects are the most important in a BESS plant and, as Commercial Director, what she would highlight about Jema Energy.

Where are today’s plants evolving to?

Today’s plants are moving towards a hybrid power generation system. In other words, more and more plants are combining various sources of energy generation and storage in order to achieve the highest possible yield.

Given this reality, it is essential to be able to adapt equipment quickly to the requirements and demands of the network codes and to implement network quality features in existing plants.

The versatility that teams must offer can only be achieved through active listening to the customer and constant team development.

As an inverter manufacturer, what are the most important aspects of a BESS plant?

In a BESS plant, on the one hand, as storage hours increase, DC protections become critical elements to which we must pay special attention when sizing the converters.

The BESS systems have different storage durations and at Jema we have developed the X8 systems with integrated protections or fuses that allow you to connect up to 4 hours of storage without any external equipment.

On the other hand, current plants are carrying out augmentation strategies in order to increase their capacity and be more efficient. How do we act at Jema? By developing modular equipment that is easily adaptable to the growth of our clients’ plants.  In other words, if our client increases the number of battery racks by 2h, our modular X8 will adapt to them with a maximum of up to 4h.

Finally, the new features of the equipment have to be adapted to the requirements of grid operators, response times to disturbances, off-grid generation, black start… Concepts in which we have always felt comfortable.

In short, in a BESS plant it is important:

  • DC protections
  • Augmentation strategies
  • Response times to cope with network requirements

From a more commercial point of view, what points would you highlight in the area of renewables?


  1. European manufacture: Jema centralises its production centre at its facilities in Lasarte-Oria. The entire process is carried out at its headquarters, from the collection of materials, through manufacturing to equipment testing.
  1. X8 equipment: The most innovative solution for the energy demands of society. With that mission in mind, we have developed the X8 giving the most power on the market in a single modular unit.
  1. SAT service with a wide network of local assistance and experience in remote assistance. From large countries to the most remote islands, we have a local assistance network that allows us to provide a fast and quality response.
  1. Our after-sales offer. Providing our customers with services adapted to their own organization, from offering a complete service to training them to become completely autonomous. From my point of view this service is an added value of Jema for our customers.
  1. And above all, I would highlight the team of people and technical knowledge that we put at the disposal of our clients to go one step beyond their needs.