Jema has installed over one thousand charging points

We conclude 2023 with a significant milestone for Jema. We have installed over 1000 charging points for electric buses and trucks throughout Europe. This achievement not only marks a substantial progress in our mission to promote electromobility but also reflects our commitment to leading the shift towards a more sustainable future of transportation.

In addition to this exciting milestone, we are pleased to inform you that we actively participate in various working groups such as CharIn, UITP, ASSURED, or NextETRUCK, which are driving the development of electromobility and new solutions applied to electric transportation.

Some highlights of our new solutions include:

  • Advanced Charging Technology: We are implementing fast-charging technologies that significantly reduce charging times, allowing for greater operational efficiency for fleets of heavy vehicles.
  • Intelligent Internal Tipping Systems: We are developing intelligent systems that optimize charging management, ensuring a fair distribution of energy and reducing operating costs.

This achievement and our future initiatives are made possible through the ongoing collaboration among our customers, partners, and collaborators. Together, we advance electromobility.