iPower project: the digital transformation of electric vehicles

The incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is substantially changing the way in which industry provides added value. New products, new services, new business models and new challenges are emerging that raise questions concerning the format of industry in the future and the keys to competitiveness. This new industrial revolution is known as Industry 4.0. It stems from the digitising and extreme interconnection of production activities.

In this technological framework, the project seeks to drive forward the motor coach manufacturing industry in the Basque Country so that it can continue to be a global benchmark in electro-mobility. To that end, research will be conducted with a view to generating the knowledge needed to begin the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of motor coach manufacturing processes and generate new PRODUCTS AND SERVICES to bring about the THIRD GENERATION OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES.

The tasks and challenges taken up by JEMA in this project are:

  • The development of a digital twin of the critical systems on board;
  • Managing V2X communications, i.e. information on the environment that surrounds the vehicle, thus opening up the path to servitisation;
  • Detecting improvements in processes and maintenance based on augmented reality (AR) techniques;
  • Securitising elements and their connectivity;
  • Incorporating a model-based design (MBD) paradigm into designs.