Jema Energy to deliver turnkey charging infrastructures for another BRT project in Aix-en-Provence

After Bayonne’s “Trambus” and Amiens’ BTR projects, Jema Energy is currently delivering another significant reference of opportunity and depot charging infrastructures in the framework of the “Aixpress” project, the third BRT project awarded to the Irizar Group in France.

Jema Energy’s scope of supply includes the complete design, equipment manufacturing, site delivery, installation and system commissioning of:

  • Two 500kW fast-charging solutions located at each end of the 7,2km BRT line between the terminus of St-Mitre and Krypton. At both stations, Jema Energy will provide Enedis, the French electric grid operator, with a point of MV connection. Jema Energy is responsible for the supply and installation all MV and LV equipment, including its interoperated ECI500P charger, and to get all authorizations necessary to energize the infrastructures, including the required “Consuel” certificates. At Krypton, all electrical equipment will be installed in a fully prefabricated substation integrated in factory (surface <20m2, construction permit not required), while Jema will install in situ the same electrical equipment in a new building constructed by the end customer at St Mitre. Each 500kW charger will be connected to two charging masts providing the operator RDT13 with more flexibility to alternate charges between each mast and smooth its operation constraints.
  • A Smart Charging solution at the operator’s depot (RDT13) located in Pont de l’Arc, composed of eight 2X50kW interoperable chargers (model ECID50M8) powered from a MV prefabricated solution supplied by Jema Energy. The infrastructure will be interfaced with RDT13 depot control (GTC) to provide him with relevant information in real time.

Project commissioning is scheduled in summer 2019.