Carabanchel, a turnkey case

The challenge

The client envisaged a modern, wireless depot where a high-power charger would have several outputs. In other words, the smallest number of chargers would charge the largest number of vehicles.

It also required a flexible product that could be easily adapted to the needs of the moment.

Our solution

The solution proposed by Jema was to adapt the SIGMA 360 kW chargers to have three outputs. Thus, each charger can charge 3 buses simultaneously at 120 kW by inverted pantographs installed in a bus shelter.

In addition, if only 1 or 2 vehicles are connected, they will be charged at a higher power output. In the case of connecting only one vehicle, the charge will reach 360 kW, reducing the charging time.

Main benefits

  1. Three vehicles charged by a single charging system. The project: 180 vehicles with 60 vehicles
  2. Automation of charging process and reducing the marging error through inverted pantographs
  3. Coordinate the 180 inverted pantographs with 180 wifi antennas in parallel
  4. Wireless depot. More space to the vehicle