Jema advances in R&D withe the new high-power MCS charger

In our constant pursuit of advanced solutions for electromobility, our R&D department continues to work on the upcoming high-power charger for heavy electric vehicles, particularly trucks and buses weighing over 12 tons. We are talking about the MCS or Megawatt Charging System.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4.5 MW recharge power per vehicle
  • Connection via cooled hose
  • Triples the maximum current supported by current pantographs
  • Multiplies the maximum of current hoses by 15

This represents a significant advancement in the electrification of industrial transport. To carry out this leap, several MCS charging levels are established: MCS level 1 (350 kW); MCS level 2 (1 MW); MCS level 3 (4.5 MW). At Jema Energy, we already have converters at all three levels, and currently, we can offer MCS level 1 systems with 350 kW, equipped with a water-cooled CCS2 hose.

We closely monitor the evolution of MCS to provide the heavy vehicle market with a solution tailored to its needs. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this technology could be applied in maritime, aviation, and rail transport applications. This represents a significant step forward in the electrification of industrial transport.