Charging stations and monitoring

Intelligent charging system.

When a depot is converted into an electric depot, new electrical power needs arise in the facilities. Jema can provide a smart charging system to reduce and optimise the power needed.

This is a control centre that efficiently manages all charging conditions/restrictions in the depot. The system identifies the different charging requirements of each bus in order to optimise the total power required.

It also has the following functions:

  • Monitors charging process of all the vehicles attached.
  • Limits charging power to the maximum power contracted by the client.
  • Configures different electricity rate schedules to prioritise charging.
  • Distributes available power between vehicles depending on their departure time.
  • Centralises information from the remote diagnostics system.
  • Daily charging reports.
  • Sends critical notifications.
  • Pre-analysis for SAT in the event of malfunction.
  • Integrates with the client’s charging management system.

Smart charging functionality is included with the premium chargers. On the contrary, a device must be acquired separately to have this functionality in the standard solution.

Charging station