JEMA will supply 40 MW of 1500 V inverters to Panama

Armario Jema 2

JEMA has received awards for supplying 40 MW of inverters and medium voltage solutions for solar power projects in Panama.

The scope of the order includes sixteen 1.5 MV integrated medium voltage turnkey solutions: 1 IFX6 2550 inverter, lift transformer and switches. The primary advantage of the SIX6-2550 solution in a metal skid is that it is entirely cabled and tested in the factory, which reduces all the installation work at the plant.

The proposed solution provides additional reactive capacity to meet the Panamanian Grid code. It is all inside a unique power plant that is the most compact on the market and that improves the design of solar power plants and only needs a single 20 foot charging container per solution. These solutions are now being applied in sizes up to 5.6 MVA for other solar power plants and in other countries.

In addition to the integral solutions, the order includes the PPC that will distribute different active and reactive adjustment points to the inverters of the solar power plant.

The contract signifies a new market for the company and extends its coverage in Latin American and is a new achievement for 1500 V inverters.

JEMA designs and manufactures static power converters for several sectors including energy, oil and gas plants, plasma physics, particle accelerators, rail and renewable energy.

With more than 60 years of history, and central offices in Lasarte northern Spain, JEMA has a commercial presence in more than 90 countries on 5 continents. Jema provides stellar service to its clients 365 days a year around the world.

JEMA is recognised for its innovation and custom made products for the most demanding and they pay close attention to the needs of every client. JEMA’s solidity, reliability and high performance solutions can be seen in test facilities and specialised laboratories.

The company is part of the Irizar Group, which was founded in 1889 and has 1500 employees and €500 M in annual billing. The group is a leader in manufacturing buses and the training sector and is a leader in electro-mobility, electronic communications (ITS solutions) and rotating machinery. The group also has its own research and development centre, called Creatio, that improves the group’s capabilities in applied research and technological development.