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Jema presents Tilt Box, its most versatile and intelligent charging box with different connection possibilities.

According to estimates, 80% of public bus transport will be 100% electric in 20 years. Replacing a diesel bus with an electric bus saves 1,700 tonnes of CO2 emitted over its lifetime. Taking these figures into account, together with the European objective of decarbonising the economy by 2050, it is clear that urban mobility and fleet electrification is advancing by leaps and bounds towards a more sustainable and alternative model to the use of fossil fuels. This transformation process entails, in addition to the renewal of the vehicles themselves, providing cities with the appropriate infrastructures for the correct operation of the lines, seeking solutions that help to optimise space and provide more flexible and versatile charging systems.

With all this in mind and in line with the growing market demand in this regard, Jema’s R&D department has developed new solutions that allow the connection of a charger to a vehicle with different output technologies. This is the basic concept behind the Tilt Box, a charging box for heavy duty vehicles with different connection possibilities.

Tilt Box is a switchable box that allows the electric vehicle to be connected to the same charger via a CCS connector or via a pantograph, either direct or inverted, thus avoiding the need to have 2 chargers for each type of power output.

Tilt Box: features and configuration

Thus, Tilt Box allows different configurations depending on the selected energy output and power. In the case of wanting to use the Tilt Box with higher power chargers, it will be necessary to carry out a technical analysis to assess the feasibility.

The standard configurations are:

CCS and pantograph on board.  Designed mainly for a garage installation with chargers up to 150 kW.

Two pantographs on board. Configuration that can be used both in garage and opportunity chargers  of up to 600kW. In this case, the dimension of the Tilt Box will vary depending on the power of the charger.

Two CCS.  Specially designed for a tank installation with chargers up to 150 kW.

CCS and inverted pantograph.  The Tilt Box can be used with both direct and inverted pantograph. In the case of the inverted pantograph this solution is designed for a tank installation with chargers up to 150 kW.

In jema we customize each solution to the characteristics of your project and needs, do you challenge us?


Main benefits of Tilt Box

This solution offers numerous advantages, especially related to space optimization, flexibility and intelligent charging.

  • Optimization of resources and space. The Tilt Box allows you to optimize resources by allowing two outputs to the same charger, as well as reducing the space by needing a single box and not one for each type of output.
  • Flexibility and versatility. The objective of this solution is to offer the greatest possible versatility to the customer, so that neither the vehicles nor the charging stations must meet specific requirements for the Tilt Box to be used. This advantage gives great flexibility to heavy vehicle charging stations and makes it a fully interoperable solution.
  • Intelligent charging system. In addition to what is described above, it is an intelligent system since it adapts the output power to the medium used. That is, with the pantograph you can give the maximum power, but when connecting to the cable, you will limit it to the maximum current of the hose.


Application of Tilt Box in the electrification project of the urban fleet of Zaragoza

The Tilt Box will be part of the electric mobility project of the Zaragoza City Council, thanks to which the city will have 68 new electric buses from 2022. The project also includes the electrification works of the garages to adapt them to the new model, where the Tilt Box will have a fundamental role.

This new fleet will join the 4 ‘zero emissions’ vehicles and 111 hybrids already operating in the city, thus contributing to the environmental improvement of the city by reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

At Jema we can help you tackle the electrification process of your city. Contact us to learn about our turnkey solutions and range of chargers and accessories.