Jema Electronics for passenger comfort

Jema Energy continues to work on the development of electronics in the service of passenger comfort. The power electronics company is currently immersed in the development of different ECUs (Electronic Control Units) for the Masats company. These developments will allow the control of the drive and access for both urban and coach buses.

Through the project Equipo 020 Jema is developing the access control ECU for the front and rear doors of the line buses. The design of this control box or ECU is safety oriented, thus complying with the specifications of ISO 26262.

In addition, the ECU will perform the electric drive of the door which consists of an external opening with interlocking, will have a central locking for parking and protection against vandalism. The design will be foreseen for a life of 500.000 working cycles. As for the ECU, it will have the possibility of updating the firmware via USB. All the outputs will be protected against over consumption and short circuit and will have an operating hours counter, as well as a memory where historical data of operating events will be stored.

On the other hand, for the access control of the city buses, Jema is developing an ECU for the operation of both doors and ramps. Depending on the type of door/ramp to be operated the Firmware or software will be different. As characteristics to emphasize we will mention the capacity that has each present ECU in the bus to know the parameters of operation of the rest and the saving in starting up new ECUs.

For both solutions, a Control and Diagnostic Tool has been developed which will allow local access to the electronics for updating the firmware, loading parameters and displaying statuses and errors.

These ECUs have been designed to be compatible with the diagnosis according to ISO 14229-1 whose objective is to facilitate off-board diagnosis by means of a client-server system.

The synergies between the Group’s companies are latent in projects such as this one, as the development of these projects has also involved the collaboration of Masats.