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JEMA is awarded the CEOG project to supply two 2MW converters.


CEOG is currently the pioneering green hydrogen from photovoltaics project. It is the largest renewable hydrogen power plant project in the world. It will be implemented with an innovative power plant designed to produce clean and reliable electricity in French Guiana. Combining a photovoltaic plant and massive hydrogen energy storage, the CEOG will be the alternative to a classic diesel power plant, as it will contain no fuel and produce no noise and gas emissions and will generate electricity continuously.


Thanks to CEOG, the renewable capacity of this geographical area will be boosted by using only solar energy and water.


The CEOG is the first order for a new generation, multi-megawatt fuel cell system for stationary applications.


Jema Energy will contribute to this project by supplying two 2MW converters. For this, the same topology as the IBX6 PV/battery inverter has been used. However, all the DC protections have been modified to adapt it to the behaviour of a hydrogen battery. In addition, the IBX6 inverter is adapted to the grid code requirements of the Enedis off-grid zones, allowing it to operate at very low frequencies, such as 44 Hz. Prior to commissioning, Jema will conduct FAT tests in Vancouver.


With this participation in CEOG, JEMA strengthens its development of new energy in the renewable market.


About JEMA:

Jema Energy, is a leader in the technology that is writing the future of energy innovation. With more than 65 years of experience in energy conversion systems, Jema Energy has been at the forefront of innovation in the design and manufacture of energy conversion systems. As a result, Jema supplies complete turnkey systems to achieve the best performance and minimise operating and maintenance costs in the field of energy conversion.