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Jema consolidates its position in Spain

Jema consolidates its position in Spain with the installation of 70 MW of solar power in Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha.

For the first project, Jema will supply turnkey solutions of 5.6 MVA each, consisting of 2 IFX6-2550 solar inverters; and for the second project, Jema will offer a solution on a SIX6-2800 skid with two IFX6-1400 inverters.

For these projects, Jema will supply turnkey solutions of 5.6 MVA each, consisting of 18 solar inverters IFX6-2550; IFX6-1400 and IFX6-2800.



Less space and better lay-out means more time savings. The Plug & Play turnkey system used for these projects maximizes the reliability and quality of the equipment and minimizes commissioning times. With this solution, the inverters are manufactured and tested from the factory and the entire system, both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage, comes 100% assembled in the same Skid, facilitating the installation of the equipment in the field and its subsequent commissioning. Logistics are improved and commissioning times are considerably reduced.

The bi-directional solar inverters, with a power range from 1400 kW to 2830 kW, lead the industry for their ultra-fast response time (<20ms), reacting instantly to adjust to grid requirements. The modular power block architecture allows for increased uptime, greater flexibility and easier maintenance.

All the equipment will be tested in Jema Energy’s test bench where the real environmental conditions that will be used in each photovoltaic plant are simulated, guaranteeing the success of the plants.

With the installation of these centers by the end of 2021, Jema reinforces its position as an active part in the advancement of the renewable sector where it adds 40 MW to the 14 projects already installed in both communities.


About Jema

The company has more than 65 years of experience in the design and manufacture of energy conversion systems and more than 20 years in the renewable energy sector, where it continues to focus on efficient solutions adapted to the needs of each client.