Jema Project in Teesside, United Kingdom


Técnicas Reunidas has chosen Jemato supply the safe power supply system for the construction project for a new 299 MW energy plant in Teesside, UK.


Jema will supply 110 Vdc rectifiers in a 245 A and 2400 A redundant configuration along with the batteries and distribution of a DC system and a 225 kVA inverter with derivation along with the AC distribution. Additionally, Jema will do the engineering and documentation for the project and the commissioning and also guarantee extension of the project’s specific requirements.

Being awarded this contract reinforces Jema’s position in the Spanish EPC for power generation, oil and gas and is another opportunity for collaboration with Técnicas Reunidas, with whom we have carried out many projects in Peru, Russia, France, Holland and Spain.

Jema has 60 years of history and projects in 90 countries and it remains driven towards innovation, service and customer service and has become consolidated as a leading company in electronic energy systems.