IFX2 and IFX3 range solar inverter

IFX2 and IFX3 range solar inverter

Central inverters from 500 kW to 1.2 MW of power

The central solar inverters developed by JEMA are designed and built to maximise the performance of solar power plants and minimise operation and maintenance costs to lengthen the useful life of the equipment.

  • Redundant equipment increasing plant reliability
  • Capable of reactive management that adapts to the strictest grid codes
  • Smart inverters with injection capacity in off grid or on grid mode
  • Reduced maintenance operations

Data sheets

Main features

  • Modular systems, increase availability: IFX2 (2 modules), IFX3 (3 modules).
  • master/slave configuration with high performance at low voltage,.
  • Specific design for high temperatures up to 50º C without derating
  • Control and follow through: RS485 MODBUS serial communications and open protocols that can control inverters remotely and regulate P, Q and power factor.
  • Complies with the strictest grid codes
  • High capacity for providing reactive energy
  • High reliability Inverters tested under extreme conditions
  • Indoor and outdoor systems
  • Anti-islanding with automatic disconnection.
  • Helps grid quality using the vectorial modulation system (SVM).
  • Highly precise calculations with a latest generation 32-bit microprocessor with floating point arithmetic capability.
  • Harmonics filtering capacity up to range 7.