Depot and Opportunity chargers

Jema offers you customised charging systems, taking into account the latest standardisation norms for interoperability with different brands of buses.

Our engineering service offers you turnkey solutions integrating the charging stations, coordinating the civil works and electrical installation and complementing them with centralised charging management solutions and remote monitoring.


From 60 kW to 360 kW modular charger for electric buses and trucks

ECI series

50 kW, 2*50 kW and 100 kW modular and interoperable heavy-duty charger

ECI series

2*75 kW and 150 kW modular and interoperable charger

Opportunity Charger

500-600 kW indoor & outdoor interoperable Opportunity Charger.

Fast Charger

300 kW interoperable Opportunity Charger


The most versatile Wall-box is adapted for connection to 100m hoses and inverted pantographs