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Test bench equipment

Jema designs and manufactures customized test bench equipment using static power converter systems. These systems are used in test benches for testing electric traction motors and traction converters.

These power converters can vary the voltage, current and frequency which is supplied to the motors and traction converters.

Universal test bench for traction and auxiliary converters

Manufacturers of traction converter equipment for trains such as CAF and Bombardier have test benches to check if their products functions according specifications. Jema Energy designed and delivered various turnkey test bench systems.

Universal test bench for traction motors

For the maintenance depot in Paris SNCF required a universal test bench to test electrical traction motors both synchronous and asynchronous at different voltages and frequencies. Jema designed and delivered a turnkey regenerative back to back solution.

AC test bench for dual voltage high speed trains

SNCF runs trains between France and Switzerland and Germany. This test bench allows SNCF to check if these dual voltage high speed trains work properly at 15kV 16⅔Hz.

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