Solid state modulators

Jema designs and manufactures modulators for radio frequency tubes such as klystrons and gyrotrons

Important features:

  • Optimised topology selected for each application.
  • Pulse length from µs to ms.
  • IGBT switching technology.
  • Peak power up to several tens of MW.
  • Air or water cooled systems.
  • Fully tested in factory.
  • Possibility to integrate energy storage using (ultra) capacitors.
  • Turnkey installation including: auxiliary power sources (solenoid, ion pump, filament), low level radio frequency, distributed water cooling system, etc.

Product catalogue

Case studies

  • JT60-SA – HV DC power supply for gyrotrons.
  • JET – HV DC power supply 130kV 130A for NBI (Neutral Beam Injector).
  • IFMIF – HV DC power supply 13kV 40A for tetrodes.
  • RAL ISIS – HV DC power sources 20kV 20A for tetrodes.
  • IFIC – Klystron modulator 145kV 100A 5us.
  • ESS Bilbao –Klystron modulator 120kV 60A 1.6ms.