Magnet power supplies

Jema designs and manufactures high current and high precision power supplies for normal and super conductor magnets according to customer’s requirements.

Important features:

  • Optimised topology selected for each application.
  • Based on thyristor or IGBT technology.
  • Systems from 1 to 4 quadrants.
  • Output current precision up to 5 ppm (parts per million).
  • Design optimisation for continuous or pulse operation.
  • Air or water cooled systems.
  • Possibility to integrate energy storage using (ultra) capacitors.

Case studies

  • JT60-SA – Power supplies +/-20kA +/-1kV for super conductor coils.
  • MAST-U – Power supplies 132kA for toroidal field coil.
  • MAST-U – Power supplies +/-10kA for “Diverters”.
  • Tri Alpha Energy – Modular power supplies for super conductor coils.
  • Tokamak Energy – Toroidal Field power supply 100kA 120ms.