High Voltage DC power supplies

Jema designs and manufactures bespoke HV DC power supplies according to customer’s requirements. These power supplies are used to power RF tubes, Neutral Beam Injectors, electrodes, etc.

Important features

  • Optimised topology selected for each application.
  • Design optimisation for continuous or pulse operation.
  • Air or water cooled systems.
  • Fully tested in factory for powers up to 20 MW.
  • Possibility to integrate energy storage using (ultra) capacitors.

Product catalogue

Case studies

  • JT60-SA – HV DC power supply for gyrotrons.
  • JET – HV DC power supply 130 kV 130 A for NBI (Neutral Beam Injector).
  • IFMIF – HV DC power supply 13 kV 40 A for tetrodes.
  • RAL ISIS – HV DC power sources 20 kV 20 A for tetrodes.
  • IFIC – Klystron modulator 145 kV 100 A 5 us.
  • ESS Bilbao – Klystron modulator 120 kV 60 A 1.6 ms.
  • Tri Alpha Energy – Electrode power supply 5kV 300A (increasable to 10 kV).