Genoa is moving towards emobility

The Italian city opted for a pollution-free city with the installation of electric charging systems and the renewal of its bus fleet with 100% zero emission buses.


At the beginning of 2020 a new challenge came to Jema: adapting the chargers installation to the existing depots. The Genoa depots were built in the 19th century with numerous architectural barriers, suitable for the carriages of the time, but not for today’s needs.

The solution had to encompass the history of the place and the state-of-the-art technology of the 21st century.


The project required a turnkey solution for AMT. Jema carried out a study of bus depots in which it became clear that it was unfeasible to install the cargers near the buses.

The project team proposed the installation of electric DC charging reels on the roof of the depots in order to connect the chargers to the further away buses.

The installation of the reels involved the mechanical reinforcement of the depot structure, which was successfully completed in a short period of time. In addition, Jema installed a button to active the reel in order to allow a safely unhooked of the hose.

A total of 9 ECI series chargers have been installed: five double 50 kW chargers and four 50 kW chargers with intelligent charging system and hose connection.

The reels and the modular chargers have made it possible to overcome the architectural barriers of the depot, built in the 19th century,  without the need for major building work.


Benefits for the driver and AMT:

  • Safety: The driver starts the loading process safely. The operator presses the button and the electric reel unhooks the hose. In addition, the depot floor is free of wiring to ensure everyone’s safety, preventing falls and trips.
  • Savings: The installation of modular, interoperable chargers saves space, saves costs and offers the maximum power specified by AMT.

Benefits for the city:

The city of Genoa enjoys sustainable, smoke-free and noise-free mobility.



    5 ECID 2×50 kW

    4 ECI 50 kW


    4 electrical reels


    And adatation of the chargers installation to the existing depot


    According to customer specifications

    Coordination with Italian electricity distribution company (ENEL)