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Tests of the critical power systems that Jema will supply in the Parnaiba V project

Jema was selected in early 2020 to supply the critical power systems for the Parnaiba V Bottoming Cycle project developed by Techint E&C. This project consists of a combined cycle power plant in Santo Antônio Lopes, Maranhão, Brazil.

The supply consists, on the one hand, of a DC system based on two 2150 A rectifier/charger sets in redundant configuration that feed 125 V DC loads and are backed by a sealed lead-acid battery system.

On the other hand, an AC system consisting of two sets of 100 kVA inverters + bypasses in redundant configuration to power loads at 120 V AC is also supplied.

Today, the tests of both systems are being developed on Jema’s test bench in its facilities, where the real conditions in which the equipment will operate are simulated. On 21/09 Jema will carry out the Factory Acceptance Test, the last step before the project is delivered to the client.

In addition to the supply, Jema will also carry out the commissioning, train the technicians and provide technical assistance at the client level.