Last deliveries for the Senegal PV plant of KAHONE

The last skid of the 16 skids have been shipped from our factory in Spain. With this shipment JEMA has accomplish the manufacturing phase of Kael and Kahone projects in Senegal.

The Kael plant is located 190km east of Dakar (close to the city of Touba) and has a total capacity of 35MWp (25MWac), while the Kahone plant is situated 200km southeast of Dakar (close to the city of Kahone) and has a capacity of 44MWp (35MWac).

The two plants  adds 79 MWp of power generation capacity to the electricity grid. The additional capacity substitutes costly thermal capacity based on imported fuels and emergency plants.

The solution of outdoor skid has been adapted to Senegal requirements, with 100% oil containment pit, and sun cover that will be installed in plant.

Both project will be commissioned this year and will benefit.