Know more about Jema’s after-sales service

More than 65 years of experience and with more than 400 references distributed all over the world, Jema has consolidated its position at a global level and has developed an after-sales service network distributed over the 5 continents. Our experience allows us to know the needs of each customer, as we offer ad hoc services.

Our after-sales service is based on accompanying the customer wherever he goes. For this reason, we have developed an after-sales network through local partners who guarantee an efficient attention, fast and close service.


“At Jema we understand the after-sales service as an exclusive service for each customer. We are your partner from the design of the project until it becomes a reality”.


The after-sales team is made up of professionals trained and accredited as official technicians by Jema energy who follow up on the technical team at all the time.

Specialization, flexibility to adapt to each project and the experience of so many years are our best presentation.

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