Jema Energy extends market with new project in Genoa

In the tender, won by Irizar E-mobility, Jema will supply 9 smart charging ECI series chargers.

Jema Energy will supply a total of 9 ECI series chargers with a smart charging system and will electrify the depot in the Italian city of Genoa, in the project awarded to Irizar e-mobility.

For this project has been accepted the supply of 5 modular and interoperable 2×50 kW ECI chargers and 4 1×50 kW chargers. All of the equipment will be installed in depot for the slow loading of buses.

The main challenge was to overcome the architectural barriers of the depot, where space is limited. The solution provided by Jema is to install DC electric reels so that the chargers can be connected to the furthest buses, as the available space makes it difficult to install chargers near the buses.

Jema’s experience in providing turnkey solutions has made it possible to overcome the challenge of adapting the project to the city’s facilities. The duration of the project will be 4 months from the development of the solution by our engineering department to the planned commissioning in the first quarter of 2020.

Once again, the synergies between Irizar Group companies are clear, as it was Irizar e-mobility that won the Genoa tender for the supply of 14 100% electric zero-emission buses.