How are we adapting to this situation?

Remote working and work-life balance

We are continuing to push ahead on each of our customers’ projects. Internet tools mean that the project management and monitoring meetings continue to be lively, dynamic and productive. The teams of the different business departments, from Engineering to Administration, are working daily for the projects to keep on track.

Adapting our way of working also allows us to keep in contact with suppliers and associates, to always be aware of each of their situation and to carry on offering the customer the best service.

Even though we are physically apart, the whole team is connected thanks to Jema already using remote tools, which allow employees to work remotely and ensure a proper work-life balance.

Health and Safety in production

Production at Jema has currently been reduced to a minimum while we focus on developing a new protocol to guarantee the health and safety of all workers. However, the company is continuing with the logistic activities of the projects underway and the sending out of spare parts, and following the strictest health and safety measures.

We will continue to provide more information through LinkedIn over the coming weeks. Follow us!