Jema starts manufacturing inverters for Spanish market

Over the last year, the Spanish solar market has entered into a new phase, in which the PV sector has been revived in 2017 a Renewable Energy auction assigned 3.9 GW of new PV capacity. The main – and most promising – market segment at the moment is the utility-scale one, where 30 GW of PV projects are at different stages of the administrative processes most of them exploring other ways of development, such as “going merchant” or PPAs.

JEMA is manufacturing inverters for two plants of the 2017 auction, one in the south of Spain in the region of Cordoba (50MWac) and the other in Basque country (20MWac). After 8 years developing new markets it is a pleasure to return home with photovoltaic projects. For both projects the SIX6-5100 solution is supplied, a turnkey solution integrating PV inverters, transformers, switchgears. The solutions proposed with reactive power management and Q by night kit is compliant with the new grid code in Spain.

In the utility sector, the availability of spare parts during the life of the equipment is vital, therefore JEMA monitors possible obsolescence of components, looks for alternatives to these components or even slightly modifies some parts to extend the useful life of the equipment. Being pieces designed by JEMA all these tasks are facilitated by the knowledge of all the active parts of the inverter. JEMA brings you the reliability of the longevity of the company as well as of the product in a market where the projections are made for more than 20 years.

JEMA’s commitment to the photovoltaic sector has been developed over the years in other sectors such as ups for power generation plants.