Jema participates in the European Project iDev4.0

Companies are facing the challenge of integrating all their processes in a globally networked digital value chain.

iDev4.0 aims at automating highly complex processes through methods of artificial intelligence and to train our employees for the new tasks of the future. Thus, we boost the innovative strength and global competitiveness of the European electronics industry.

iDev4.0 will achieve a disruptive step towards speedup in time to market, initializing a “breakthrough change” by digitalising the European industry.

The European three-year project focuses on three areas: secure data and knowledge management along the product life cycle, digital information flow and innovations in the supply chain.

An important research aspect of iDev4.0 is the continued development of jobs of the future, in terms of both new job profiles and the skills that are needed to interact with highly automated complex systems.

Jema develops these methods in a power train system application for high duty vehicles:

  • Using real data collected from the field and market feedback to enable quick design changes.
  • Creating a connectivity platform to collect data from the vehicle and for post processing
  • Creating a digital twin and using it in cloud server and in drivetrain test rig