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Jema successfully completes the remote start-up of the Mauritius project

With a global pandemic on the horizon, Jema faced a new challenge: the remote commissioning of the Mauritius project.

Jema had to complete the Siemens project at the Mauritius plant on schedule. However, the health measures imposed at the time prevented Jema’s team from coordinating and carrying out the commissioning of the plant. The challenge was on the table, Jema and Siemens had to work together to carry out the project remotely, in which the client knew the equipment from its participation in the FAT tests.

Jema’s preparation: Iker Alberro, commissioning technician at Jema Energy for the renewable and BESS area, was the main responsible for coordinating and carrying out the remote commissioning of the plant. For both Iker and his team, carrying it out from Jema’s facilities meant a previous preparation, to be able to explain the process to the Siemens technician. We interviewed Iker to find out more about this preparation.


This is the first time you have faced a complete start-up remotely, tell us how was the preparation from Jema?

We prepared it with the adrenaline that comes with facing a new situation. A start-up from our own facilities, just imagine! The first thing we did was to review all the protocols and start-up processes so that the client did not lose any detail.

Then, we prepared the “scenario”. It consisted of preparing the equipment we had in the factory to show through the webcam. This part was very important because in case of doubt, we could show the customer the steps to follow and the parts of the BESS equipment.

Finally, we recorded some video tutorials where we explained the main steps of a commissioning and we took the opportunity to give the technical training that we normally develop in the factory, but this time we did it through the camera.

In order to carry out the commissioning, the technician had to have some minimum resources: a Tablet and a webcam for live monitoring and basic instrumentation.


Iker, what would be the technician’s role?

To put it simply, the client’s technician was going to be Jema’s eyes and hands in Mauritius, and for this, he needed the basic computer tools and instrumentation for the commissioning.

The customer’s technician had already been to the FATs and was an electrical technician skilled in these tasks. Although the knowledge of the charger is not very extensive, the technician knew the application very well and had a global vision of the charger in the BESS environment, which helped with communication problems with other systems in the facility.


 « Both parties complemented each other so that the commissioning was a success » – Iker Alberro, commissioning technician at Jema Energy for the renewable and BESS area.


When it came to carrying out the commissioning of the project, the time difference and the distance could make the work difficult.


Iker, how did you deal with unforeseen events or serious problems?

In general there are no serious problems and in this case there were none either. The most critical parts such as software loading, equipment startup or program insertion were done from Jema through remote control tools. When it comes to reacting to any event, the process is slower than in an on-site commissioning, but for Mauricio, everything could be done remotely and smoothly.

Safety in the commissioning process is essential and during this phase we have to be scrupulous in complying with safety measures.


Iker, how did you check that the security measures were complied with, bearing in mind that it was a remote project?

Every day, before starting, the webcam focused on the clothing to check that it was the safety clothing as established in the protocol to be followed by the client. The protocols established how to tighten the equipment and the Cold Commissioning and Hot Commissioning procedures.


« From Jema we always supervised that the procedure was carried out in order and we accompanied in the realization of the customer’s own procedure.» – Iker Alberro, commissioning technician at Jema Energy for the renewable and BESS area.


Undoubtedly, this first remote start-up has been an enriching experience, from which to learn for future occasions.


Iker, what would you recommend for future start-ups?

For a good remote commissioning I would recommend that the technician on the client’s side be a person with electrical qualifications, as has been the case with Mauritius; that both parties work together so that the process is collaborative, and that they have a good Internet connection so that communication is of quality.


« As a first experience of remote commissioning, it has been very enriching and positive» – Iker Alberro, commissioning technician at Jema Energy for the renewables and BESS area.


Undoubtedly, the commissioning of this project has been a challenge for Jema. The long process, the pace of work and the time difference have been determining factors for the start-up to take longer than expected. However, both parties agree and validate that the work of the parties involved has made it a collaborative process.