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Jema make progress in supplying charging infrastructure for the Swiss city of Schaffhausen

The ECI 150 kW charger with pantograph connection was installed and tested for temporary installation on the city’s main street in August. The first 50 kW ECID charger with cable connection and the first 600 kW ECI were also installed and tested, both in the client’s depots.

The team of technicians that travelled to the Swiss city was in charge of the commissioning tasks and the first tests with the Irizar e-mobility ieTram buses were successful.

In the coming months, six ECID 50 chargers, one ECI 150 charger and the first 600 kW opportunity charger will be installed underground.

The total scope of the supply is 13 600 kW opportunity charging stations, seven 50 kW ECI modular and interoperable charging stations and two 150 kW ECI chargers.

An ambitious project

In addition to this ambitious project, there is the challenge of adapting the entire charging infrastructure to a very limited space since the opportunity charging infrastructure will be buried in the basement of the Post Office building. In addition, the power for the charging stations will be generated by the force of the water of the Rhine River as it flows through Schaffhausen.

This is an event of great importance for the country since it is the beginning of the electrification of the public network of Schaffhausen and serves as an example for the rest of Switzerland.