Central inverters 1500 v

1500 Vdc central inverters from 1400 kw to 2550 kw of power

Range of devices with 1500 V DC input designed for reliable installation with an efficient and smart climate management system. 

Main features:

  • Modular systems, increase availability in the facilities and high performance at low power, master/slave.
  • Specific design for high temperatures up to 50ºC with low auxiliary consumption.
  • Outdoor system with filter adaptations for arid environments and redundant ventilation system.
  • Complies with the strictest grid codes.
  • High capacity for providing reactive energy. 
  • Helps grid quality using the vectorial modulation system (SVM)
  • Highly precise calculations with a latest generation 32 bit microprocessor with floating point arithmetic capability. 
1500 V IFX6