Custom made products and Testing

We supply custom made power electronic systems for your installation. These systems are designed and developped according to your technical specification and the special requirements of your project.

  • Custom made design
  • Technnical approval before manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and testing
  • Factory test at our premises and at certified  laboratories, for example for seismic certification or other technical requirements.

Jema is proficient in all the various technologies that may be applied to these systems, allowing it to offer the greatest level of versatility: solutions based on diodes, thryristors or IGBTs; 6, 12, 24 pulses; 2 or 4 quadrants; multi-level converters; Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) or Soft-switching; standard microprocessor or DSP (real time); PWM or SVM control algorithms; high accuracy, even at ppm level; HMI with discreet signalling or integrated in graphic SCADA; all kinds of format of communication buses (RS485, CAN, Ethernet, Modbus, Internet, etc.); redundant configuration, master-slave, etc.; cooling by natural or forced air, or by high or low pressure demineralised water; chassis or cabinet mounted equipment, or integrated into containers; etc.

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