Design and manufacturing of custom made solutions for Transport.

We supply reactive power compensation systems (STATCOM and SVC) to increase the voltage in the catenary or to provide phase-balancing for traction power supply. Furthermore, we provide fix energy recovery systems to feed back braking energy from the trains into the grid.


  • Electric bus
  • Electric vehicle
  • Test bench equipment
  • Traveller Comfort
  • Railways: train and metro infrastructure

Electric Bus
Irizar Electric Bus (IEB) is one of the strategic projects for the company. Our participation in the project will involve the development of a 100% electric city bus prototype. It will have a capacity for 85 passengers and an autonomy of 350 km on a single charge during the nightly rest period.

Traveler comfort
We provide innovate control systems for buses and coaches. Our product lines are focus on lighting, climate and acces control; infotainment and driver aid (GPS, cameras, hand-free phoning …); electric management (multiplex) and product development.

Electric Vehicle
We design and manufacture battery charger sationts for Electric Vehicles.

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