Smart Grid & Grid Quality

In its 60 years of history, the company has geared its activity towards developing innovative and customised solutions.

Smart Grid
iSare is a firm commitment in R&D+i for the development of a Smart grid in Gipuzkoa. Jema is leading the project which will create in the coming years a power generation system that will integrate various renewable generation sources supply.


  • Smart Grid
  • Off-grid Systems & Hybrids
  • Self-consumption
  • Custom made solutions
  • Reactive Power Compensation systems
  • Active Filters

Off-grid Systems & Hybrids
The homes or farms that do not have electricity can take advantage of solar photovoltaic energy. Using our innovative and custom made solutions your will produce electricity during the day, then store it and consume. We offer hybrid systems for your installation.

New solar inverters for residential use. Recently, Spain has taken the first steps towards a new energy that will change the way we produce and consume electricity. This is the self-consumption, an approach that allows you to produce as much electricity you use in your home or business.

Grid Quality
We provide complete turnkey delivery of your project including civil works. We can also provide consultancy support. Our custom made systems will provide you voltage stabilization, fault ride through, reactive power balance and flicker reduction.

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