Aeronautics & Space

These markets are featured by their exclusivity and high demands and challenges. Jema has to develop unique solutions, most of times in the limit of what it can be achieved using today’s technology.

Aeronautics & Space

  • Civil facilities
  • Militar facilities
  • Auxiliary Industry
  • Space

Supply of custom made systems. Most significant features of these products are:

  • To be unique systems, for an specific application and supply, covering very particular customer needs.
  • Top complex management and long delivery time projects, with a huge number of design tasks, calculations, simulations, tests, etc. Very demanding and strict permanent relationship with the customer. Continuous justification and approval for each technical decision or partial design.
  • Very special performances: extreme operation conditions, high and unusual voltages and currents, redundancies, high precision, high performances control, high quality, aggressive environment, bulky products, logistic associated problems, etc.
  • Application of innovative technologies, components and materials, with short or none previous uses references. This implies a deep knowledge about possibilities offered by the market.
  • Documentation and customer training at a maximum level, even supplying developed software source code.
  • High operational security: a very reliable operation must be assured, besides the provision of all type of protections against exceptional or critical situations, and risks for the staff that handles the system.


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