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Braking Energy Recovery System

Most trains are now equipped with a regenerative braking system that converts the braking energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy can be either stored onboard (i.e. capacitors) or injected into the catenary.

For trains running on DC power this energy cannot be returned to the grid as the AC/DC catenary power supply systems are unidirectional.

So in case there’s no other train close by, which consumes this energy or the onboard energy storage system is full, than it will automatically switch over to rheostatic braking (i.e. the generated electrical power is dissipated as heat in brake grid resistors).

In order to avoid this waste of energy Jema Energy can provide a system that allows the regenerative braking system to return the energy back to the grid or to be stored in a fixed ESS.

Braking Energy Recovery System - Grid

The braking energy recovery system consists basically of a DC/AC converter which can be connected in parallel to an existing substation.

Braking Energy Recovery System

Braking Energy Recovery System – ESS

Another configuration is a system that consists of a DC/DC converter with an Energy Storage System (ESS) which permits to store the energy locally instead of returning the energy back to the grid.

Braking Energy Recovery System

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