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Battery charger for Electric Vehicle

The Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles developed by Jema take advantage from its 60 years vast experience designing and manufacturing industrial, robust, reliable, secure and high efficiency power electronics systems and solutions.

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Main Features

  • Fast and safe Charging Station
  • Residence type - community housing
  • Wall and Stand type
  • Current Type: 3kW for single-phase and 22 kW for three-phase
  • User Interface: screen + button

Charging Station types

AC Charger: Load Mode 3 according to IEC-61851 standard: In this mode there is real communication load between vehicle and charging infrastructure through the Control Pilot. Charging mode is more evolved and truly brings benefits in the charging of electric vehicles. This mode implements mechanisms to increase significantly its safety. Powers to 3kW to 22kW single phase three phase.

DC Charger: Mode 4 load according to IEC-61851 standard: This mode is reserved for cargo load current chromatography using, for which not all vehicles are prepared at first. Maximum power 50kW.

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