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Smart Grid

Jema is a leading company in power electronics field and provides Intelligent Microgrid Solutions. In its 60 years of history, the company has geared its activity towards developing innovative and customised solutions:

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  • Global management of a microgrid
  • Interoperable communications
  • Power electronic systems for generation and storage
  • Integration of electric vehicles (V2G & G2V)

New Development

450 kW Microgrid project

Jema is leading an Intelligent Microgrid project in Spain. The project’s scope is to create an interoperable micro grid based on IEEE 802.3 standard, aiming to develop a power grid more efficient and reliable, to improve safety and quality of supply in accordance with the requirements of the digital age. This micro intelligent network integrates different distributed renewable generators (micro wind turbine, PV converter, fuel cell) and storage technologies (super capacitors, flywheel, Li-ion battery).

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