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Active Filter

The Static Voltage Regulator is able to adjust the current wave in a point of a low or high voltage power grid, in order to assure that this current wave matches a pre-established standard.

This is possible thanks to its FPGA and DSP real time control hardware. The current wave at the connection point is verified by this control at each moment, so that specific current harmonics could be generated by the system. These harmonics are calculated in such way that they counteract those existing in the power grid in order to obtain a resulting current wave that meets a user’s need.

grafic active filter

So this is a multifunction system that, depending on his implemented algorithm, it is able to work as a voltage stabilizator, a reactive generator or an active harmonic filter.


In/Out LV or HV power grid voltage range
Single or Three-phase power grid
From 5 to 1300 kVA
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz, ± 5 %
Resulting THDI ≈ 4 to 6 %
Compensated harmonics, up to 50
Response time Temperature range 0 to 40 ºC
Options Parallel configuration
Antiseismic Class 1E
Adaptable to different standards (MIL, UL, ...)
Design Metallic self-stable cabinet
Protection grade IP20 to IP54
Colour RAL 7032 (typical)

All the above characteristics could be modified under demand.

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