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self-consumptionPhotovoltaic inverters are one of the most important components of a PV installation.
They manage to transform the direct current produced by the PV array into alternating current, which feed directly to users.

We offer a complete range of self-consumption photovoltaic inverters from 3kW to 1050kW. They are specially designed to facilitate the implementation of systems for self-consumption. Our systems use a self-consumption kit located in the low voltage panel.

Jema inverters respond to the current demand for self-consumption installations. No matter how much energy your electrical loads require, our systems will help you to produce the maximum energy.

Instantaneous Self-consumption

We offer Self-consumption systems without injection of excess energy to the grid. This solution is based on the production according to the instantaneous demand of energy at your home for example.  Then, the solar inverter regulates its power to actual demand without consuming energy from the grid.

The Instantaneous Self-consumption includes the supply of a solar inverter configurated for self-consuption use, a grid analyzer and  a current meter. It is simple, quick to install, and compatible with JEMA solar inverters, String and Central series.

Combined Self-consumption

This solution is based in a combination of consumption of the energy produced by your panels and the energy received directly from the grid.  When the production of your panels is not enough, the solar inverter injects the maximum available power and the missing energy is consumed form the grid.


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