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PV Turnkey Solutions

Jema Energy presents a fully Turnkey Solution adapted to large Solar Installations with a vast range of power ratings, from 500kW to 2.8MW. The SI Box allows the optimization of the PV field design with a direct connection to the Medium Voltage Grid. The IF series Central Inverters provides important grid quality features thatt maximize the Energy production of the PV Plant.

The SI Box is available in Concrete Enclore, Customized Metallic Container or Skid Padmounting Solutions, also in extended versions; harsh and dusty environments, high altitude, antiseismic design...

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Skid Padmounting Turnkey Solution


  • IF series Central Inverters: IF-500, IF-600, IFX3 1050, IFX3 1400, etc.
  • Reactive Power Management
  • Extended Input Voltage Range
  • Individual Order Hrmonic Correction Algorithm
  • Space Vector Modulation Control Technique
  • High Efficiency Master/Slave Operation Mode
  • Voltage and Fault Ride Through ready
  • MV Switchgears
  • MV Isolation transformer (up to 36kV)
  • DC Combiner Box integrated in the inverter
  • Integrated Surge Arrestors (DC & AC sides)
  • Remote Monitoring and Control


  • DC Monitoring CT
  • Energy Meter
  • Earth Leakage Measurement & Detection (DC & AC sides)
  • Climate Control
  • Anti-seismic Construction
  • High Altitude Design
  • Power Plant Controller
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