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PV Central Inverter


The phovoltaic inverters designed and manufactured by Jema and connected to the grid represent the state of art of these systems. They have been developed in order to minimize cost, get the best performance and extreme simplicity of construction, operation and maintenance.

The Central Inverter are the best choice for medium and big photovoltaic plants the performance of your photovoltaic installation. Easy to install and manage, they are specially designed for residential use and industrial roof installations.

IFX Series

Photovoltaic Inverters without transfformer for Utility Scale.

  • PV Inverter IFX2-500
  • PV Inverter IFX2-600
  • PV Inverter IFX2-630
  • PV Inverter IFX2-700
  • PV Inverter IFX3-900
  • PV Inverter IFX3-1050

IF Series

Photovoltaic Inverters with and without transformer for Commercial and Utility Scale.

  • PV Inverter IF-20-25-30
  • PV Inverter IF-50-80-100
  • PV Inverter IF-250-300

IF Series - UL Certified

  • Central Photovoltaic Inverters, PV Inverter & Battery Charger solution, outdoor systems and fully equipped solutions.

Other power or product confirgurations available under request

Innovation & Technology

  • Wide range of input voltage and transformer makes them compatible with all panels on the market.
  • Indoor and outdoor equipment.
  • With or without transformer.
  • Quick awakening of inverters: high efficiency from the start.
  • Energy Efficiency Max. 98%.
  • Harmonic distortion of less than 3%.
  • Anti-islanding with automatic disconnection.
  • Protection against over voltage, overtemperature, etc.
  • Control and monitoring: RS485 MODBUS serial communications and open protocols.
  • Power factor adjustment.
  • Help the quality of the grid using vector algorithm system.
  • CE, EMC and Low Voltage Directives, RD, DK, IEC, VDE, UL, CSA


  • Colour touch screen.
  • Communications: RS485, MODBUS and others.
  • Possibility to generate reactive power.
  • Possibility of extending to different rated power.
  • Start-up / Commissioning included.

Extended warranties

JEMA offers a basic warranty of 5 years extendable to 20 years.

Training courses

JEMA offers courses taught by our highly qualified staff in our facilities or in the field.

Spare parts

JEMA recommends that each facility has a complete set of spare parts to ensure a quick repair. Furthermore, JEMA can guarantee the availability of these materials for the lifetime of the equipment.

Technical assistance

JEMA has different centers of Technical Support, which ensure fast and close to cover services preventive and corrective maintenance, adjustments of systems to new standards, product updates etc.

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