*ASSURED -fASt and Smart charging solutions for full size URban hEavy-Duty applications

The ASSURED project addresses the topic of GV.08.2017 “Electrified urban commercial vehicles integration with fast charging infrastructure”. The consortium has 40 members from 12 different European Member States and represents all competences in the field of urban transportation and infrastructure.

The overall objectives of the ASSURED project are:

  • Analysing the needs of the cities for the next generation of electrically chargeable heavy-duty vehicles towards sustainable mobility
  • Improving the total cost of ownership
  • Development of interoperable and scalable high-power charging solutions up to 600kW
  • Standardised interfaces of charging infrastructure and vehicles to achieve the interoperability between different brands.
  • Demonstration of electrically chargeable heavy-duty vehicles (buses and trucks) in operation in 3 different cities.

Innovations and solutions under development within ASSURED by Jema:

  • Interoperable High-Power Charging Systems (up to 600kW)
  • Charger-Vehicle Interoperability
  • Fleet simulations tools that helps finding the best solution (number and type of chargers, power needed) for a specific operation (number of busses, time Schedule, type of busses…)
  • New Battery Management Temperature System
  • Feasibility study of a multi-protocol Vehicle Charging Control Unit (VCCU), including both Power Line Communication and Wi-Fi communication.

Solutions will be tested in:

  • Testing facilities of IDIADA
  • Commercial operation in Bayonne and Biarritz: 2 x BRT lines; 7 minutes frequency; > 1600 passengers/h/sense
  • Tests under operation conditions in Barcelona and Osnabruck